Platform Dresden

Plattform Dresden e.V.

is an association founded in 2021. The focus of our activities is on social diversity, which has increased in the past decades has become, and the promotion:

  • of German-Ukrainian relations.
  • of tolerance and freedom of the press
  • of art and culture
  • equal rights for women and men
  • education, national and professional training
  • the culture of remembrance.

Since the majority of the association’s members come from Ukraine, we have to and want to urgently change the focus of our activities due to the war of aggression of
Russia against our homeland urgently changes. Against the background of the current dramatic scenes from Ukraine, we have, together with the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic
Catholic Personal Parish of St. Michel in Dresden, we have launched the initiative “Ukrainian Coordination Center Dresden”. The goal of this initiative is to organize and coordinate the extraordinarily high level of assistance in and around Dresden.

Our coordinators


Tetiana Ivanchenko

I am Tanya and I am a turbogenerator of ideas in our association and at the same time its first chairman of the board. I am from Kyiv and Dresden, from journalism and a little bit from science and a little bit from science. Four years ago I received a scholarship as part of a journalism project at the Free University of Berlin. I thought I would come only for 10 months, but it turned out to be four years. During that time, I not only participated in the project but also wrote my dissertation. As our writer/doctor Iryna Fingerova says, “Lately I have been eating cheese and books all the time, it is time to digest them.” After that, it was time to look around professionally. I looked at various job offers, rolled my eyes existentially, and decided, like the protagonist of the book “Café at the Edge of the World,” that I didn’t want to spend a year of my life reading through irrelevant emails. My credo: If you don’t have something, create it. So, we created it. Our “platform” offers the opportunity to live, create and change the world. Let’s start with Dresden!


Iryna Fingerova

Hello, my name is Iryna, it is also called Ira. I am a writer and a doctor from Odesa, the mythical city on the Black Sea.
Mainly I am a doctor, but if you say: “Describe yourself in 3 words”, I would answer “author, wanderer, and mother”.
I like to experiment.
I like to be surprising and be surprised. In Odessa, I founded the “Theater of Ears”. The first audio theater in Ukraine. All the spectators turn into listeners because each guest with a blindfold listens to the performance.
My goal is to popularize modern Ukrainian literature, as well as to support Ukrainian artists and doctors at all levels.
I also have a personal motivation.
Emigration is small social death.
The old life scenarios are no longer relevant.
I live in Germany for 3 years.
Here I had my child, survived night duty for the first time in my life, wrote so many letters for the first time in my life, felt like an adult for the first time in my life.
Sometimes it was quite intense.
Lonely, strange, weird.
That’s why we want to create a platform (for the other people with migration backgrounds or without) where you can express yourself and be accepted in any case.
We want to show together that emigration is not a social death, but a new life.
At the beginning of life is always violent.
My daughter knows that, I know that too.
To learn to walk, you have to learn to fall.
That’s why you need a friendly environment.
The platform.

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