Project exhibition “Gemeinsam Heimatlos” and a photo exhibition in the Hole Of Fame

On Friday we presented our project “Gemeinsam Heimatlos” (“Together Homeless”) and held a photo exhibition at the Hole Of Fame. The event was part of the Intercultural Week.
Below you can see the photos.
There was a very warm atmosphere, lots of questions and lots of support!
The project “Homeless Together” is a series of interviews and photo reports with internally displaced people from different countries.
Iryna Fingerova and Vira Dumke worked on this project for almost a year. With the support of the Dresden Office for Culture and Monument Protection and the Ostsächsische Sparkasse, a book of photographs was published in German.
The Ukrainian texts were published online.
You can read them on Infopost –>.
1) “Without a Home”: the story of Semere Okubuzilaze from Eritrea…/
2) “Without a Home”: Home is where your rabbits and your graves are…/
3) Homeless: the story of Samar, who fled Libya and found her home in Germany…/
4) Homeless: Sasha from Khartsyzsk

«Без дому»: Саша з Харцизька

5) Homeless: Building a home against all odds
Olena from Bucha

«Без дому»: Попри все будувати дім

6) Homeless: A dance with ghosts
Lera from Donetsk

«Без дому»: Танець з примарами

7) A text about Ali, a doctor from Syria, who crossed the sea on a small boat, almost died, walked to Germany for several months and now works as the head of the neurological department of a hospital in Saxony.…/…
A report with our retirees will be published later, but elsewhere!
Have fun reading it!
These stories are very inspiring because they are about brave people who know how to be happy despite all difficulties.










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